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1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds. 
2. Tell you a color you remind me of. 
3. Tell you an element I think you belong to (eg: water, fire, earth, air, etc.)
4. Tell you what character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something that I like about you. 
7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 
9. Guess your gender. 
10. Tell you to put this on your journal

Sa, Ikuyo!
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Copied from :icontheragnarokbringer:
Listen, apparently, there's a virus called Heartbleed on DA and it happens when you log out. Once you log out, it waits for you to log in to ruin your DA. So please post a journal so your other friends can know.

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General Statistics

Full Name: Pasticchiana Mignola Romania
Name Meanings:
  • Pasticchianna comes from Pasticcio, which is Italian for both "Pie" and "Mess"
  • Migniola is a female form of Migniolo, which is Italian for "Pinkie" (the finger)
  • Romania comes from "Romani", the actual name of the people known as "Gypsy"
Nicknames/alias: "Zingara", assumed to be her first name for almost everybody in town; "Minnie" by Aurora

Age (at first appearance): 20
Birthday: October 2
Fairy Sign: Nereid
Occupation: Patisserie and party-planer from Focacciza Treats
Origin: Equinox

Likes: Loud music, fun parties, candies, ketchup, friends, 80s music, Aurora, well-meaning pranks, babies, etc...
Dislikes: Get bored, friends fighting each other, loneliness, sadness.

Dream: She wants to become the best patisserie and party planner of the whole world and be friend of everybody.

Physique: She's a bit short, yet curvy.
  • Skin Color: Pale pink
  • Complexion: Her body is thicker than usual, meaning her waist is not as thin as the regular fairy, but also her breasts are bigger and her hips are wider
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Pink
  • Hairstyle: Her hair is large in a very 80's style perm and done in twin ponytails. When in a bad mood, it becomes flat and the ponytails undo themselves.
  • Usual outfit: A pink very loose and cropped T-Shirt with the legend "ZANY N LOVIN' IT! in silver lettering over a yellow leotard, a loose pink belt that sports a fake hair ponytail that looks like hers, black pantyhose, a pink headband with cat ears, pink legwarmers and armbands, and yellow and pink((Right))/blue and pink((left)) converse shoes with a paw footprint.

Personality: As her T-Shirt claims, "Zany n lovin' it". She's the most random girl around and is capable of several weird feats that make some people believe if the fact she's a fairy doesn't make her OP, while others think she's better being full time fairy than on her own devices, as she tend to be more dangerous without magic. She sees happiness and beauty in everything, although she's also a bit of an airhead. She's an artist and has a kind of playful rivalry with Gema because of this. She loves puns, maybe a bit too much.

History: Born in the Romania Mining Farm, which, despite the name, is mostly a quarrel specialized in gems. In fact, Zingara's family, the owners of said land, are among the richest people in the entire planet, but they are pretty humble and don't like to spoil their children. They want them to find their true passion in their lives (like Zingara's second older sister Argenta, who left before the others, although the rest of the family ignores the real reason) and they encourage their individuality. 5 years before the story, young Pasticchiana was trying to find out her passion in life when one of her younger sisters, Calaccina, got an accident when helping her father in the mines and got gravely ill. Maramilla, her twin sister, was pretty sad, so she tried to make a small party for the family, but it was not well done as poor Pasticchiana was not really one of the best crafters around. Wasn't helping neither that Calaccina, or "Cally" as they all called her, was increasingly feeling bad due to her contracted disease, to the point Pasticchiana was scared of losing her sister. Suddenly a blast of raw rainbow power causes some windows to break and fall over Cally. Maramilla, "Milly" was shocked until she and her parents found Cally was saved by a large magic field created by the newly born fairy Pasticchiana. Her Charmix style, so close to the Gypsies' style, made them all give her the nickname Zingara. She also managed to fix the whole party so they could give Cally the best party of her life. It also ended up curing her, of course. They managed to talk with one of their old friends in Villa Sol, the Focacchizas, so Zingara could learn from them what she needed to know and be the best party planner ever.

Love Interest: That... is gonna take a while, you know?

  • Mother: Nubola Quarta di Romania
    • Relationship: She thought Zingara how to properly be connected with people, how to be a proper peoples-person, not only in the business field but also in life. Zingara admits she was a bit of an introvert when she started traveling, but her mother's words helped her to fully express herself. She has no troubles with using her nickname instead of her real name, unlike her husband.
  • Father: Eruzzio Romania
    • Relationship: He was probably the one that resisted the most the fact his daughter wished to be a party planner, but it was her deepest wish and he was not gonna deny his daughter's destiny. He keeps in touch with her to see how she's faring. Despite the popularity of her nickname, he keeps calling her Pasticchiana, which confuses the hell out of anyone when they meet.
  • Eldest Sister: Sassona Romania
    • Relationship: Three years older than Zingara, she was confident in her sister's skills, supporting her in every moment. She was, in fact, the only member of the family that knew Zingara would be a fairy, she chalked it up to an instinct. Surprisingly, the calm and cool Sassona turned out to have traces of dark magic in her and eventually became a full fledged witch in her adult hood. Her power, unsurprisingly, is to command the ground, and she can even alter them to rocks and all that. However, despite the darkness of her magic being even beyond Artificia the Great during her first appearance, she's some how still a 'good witch', although her magic, being dark, is more likely to cause curses. She still works in the Mining Farm with her parents and her sister Cally, but mainly in administration and safety, being the best rock expert around, even about magical stones. She and Zingara are still the best sister friends forever.
  • Older Sister: Sonora Chiave/Argenta Romania
    • Relationship: Two years older than Zingara, Being the most distant of Zingara's sisters, Argenta was a bit of an outcast at first. She found herself liking violin a lot, despite her father's wish she could take the role in the family, one night, she and her father had a discussion after he found out the violin she bought with her savings from her allowance and she accidentally released her dark sound powers, hurting her father and revealing her as a witch. She ran away from home with her violin in her hands, fearing her power and even her music. Years of training with the harmony fairy and disc jockey Cromata Graffia helped her control her powers. She never had much interest in her family, but seeing a puffy haired and hyped Zingara during the Princess' Ball almost causes her dark magic to flow forth. Luckily, Cromata's magic managed to defuse the situation. She took her new name to keep her family, who she was not ready to face yet, away from any harm.
  • Younger Sister: Maramilla "Milly" Romania
    • Relationship: One of the two twin sisters, only a year younger than Zingara. She was mostly mute and calm, following her more decided twin's ideas. She loves calmness and is fascinated with gems. She saw her older sister Zingara with fascination, specially due to her special shine. She moved to Metronova City, at the other side of Equinox from Villa Sol, after she found her talent in jewel crafting. She's very successful in her art, making her one of the top jewel makers of the city. Zingara still wonders why she keeps her eye under her hair, though.
  • Younger Sister: Calaccina "Cally" Romania 
    • Relationship: Twin sister to Milly and a year younger than Zingara, Cally was the most active of the sisters, at least until Zingara's confidence came true when she became a fairy. Cally loves to make jokes A LOT, which is something she kinda shared with Zingara when the latter was a fairy in the farm. She grew up stronger, thanks to Zingara helping her when she got ill by the dust and her training to become the best prospector ever. She's not the main muscle in the Mining Farm, even going as far as being Fizzy's manager when she ended up there after her first defeat. She returned to take her after her second defeat. She still haven't mastered the art of seeing through her large bangs, which is a bit of a trouble when you consider she's almost as strong as Delicia.

Best friend(s): Aurora!

Enemies: She can't recall any...
Pet: Bubblegum the Alligator
Affiliation(s): Maneix Club.

Fairy Information

Realm of Influence: Joy
  • As the Fairy of Joy, her power focuses on warming the hearts of people and giving them hope and happiness. Her power comes also comes in the form of sweet treats, as she believes in her heart that life always can take a little of extra sugar. She... still ignores her hyperactivity, I guess.
  • When she's in a dark mood, her powers shift a bit to the dark side, becoming a dark fairy of metal. This happens only sparingly, of course. In this form, she's a bit more aggressive than usual.

Pixie: Taffy, the pixie of Candies

Magic Fairy: Her outfit is a short grin top with gold honey candies forming a chain like decoration in the midriff edge, a long skirt red skirt peeking from under a maroon short skirt and a green scarf that covers her tush. Her shoulders have a long green cloth with golden honey borders. Her head is adorned with a headscarf that covers her base hair, but not her front fluffy bang or her ponytails. Her free hair gets licorice ropes in it as well. Her wings are gossamer butterfly wings that look like thing hardened taffy. Her sandals have soft platform soles that look like jelly and even help her give bounce kicks. Her hands have gauntlets with the backhands sporting jawbreaker-like orbs.

Dark Fairy: Her outfit is a darker version of her usual one, with the candies in replaced with metals, from the wings to the linings to even the bangs in her head. Her headscarf becomes a spiked hairband, her long skirt and belt scarf vanish, leaving her only with the miniskirt and her sandals become boots, as well as she gaining fishnets and a corset.

Spells/Attacks: (Only, her normal form, her dark form appears little and her attacks have no name)
  • Sweet Happiness: This attack is the most mysterious of them all and generates a wave of happiness that can have several effects, like inducing nausea to dark beings and also dispelling dark magic.
  • Licorice String: Her hair can be used for several stuff, from binding an opponent to hold stuff and even drill the ground. She can use it even in her normal form, which is a bit shocking.
  • Candy Rush: Her main attack, an assortment of energy constructs made in the form of candies to fight enemies, from jawbreaker bombs to chocolate force fields.
    • Lolli-Hammer: Her main candy construct, a large lollipop she uses as her main weapon. She usually pulls it off in her civilian form out of her hair.
  • Party Up!: Her ultimate attack has her summoning a large cannon made of candies to attack her foes with fireworks and confetti. It's a bit crazy attack

  • Full Normal: Zingara jumps in the air, rises her hand with the index and middle finger extended, then brings it to her hip as she shouts "Manix Fairy Up!" She then twirls and a tornado of candies cover her. Her clothes explode in confetti revealing her fairy uniform part by part, then she conjures taffy and licorice that flow to her back and hair respectively, the licorice lining her hair and forming her headscarf, the taffy molding itself into wings. She then lands on a pair of jelly babies that turn into her jelly sandals and strikes a pose.
  • Special: Che can change in a flash, or mainly a twirl, either by shouting "Fairy up" or any random phrase with the word "fairy" on it. When in her dark mood, she just snaps fingers and gets enveloped in dark mist, quickly appearing in her fairy form.
Maneix Club Profiles - Zingara
Finally got up to continue this. This is the Magical Dimension version of Pinkie Pie, Zingara Romania. I got some liberties with her, being both gypsy styled and 80's styled. It was hard to think, given her backstory is a bit extensive. I missed some stuff, but these profiles are still in the making.

Wanna read more?: Lucero Sparxis

MLP belongs to Hasbro, Winx to RAI and Nick, the base of the profile belongs to Princess-of-Asteria and the rest belings to the little worm that lives in my head and is giving me these weird ideas.
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DA for 20 seconds. 
2. Tell you a color you remind me of. 
3. Tell you an element I think you belong to (eg: water, fire, earth, air, etc.)
4. Tell you what character you remind me of.
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something that I like about you. 
7. Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
8. Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of. 
9. Guess your gender. 
10. Tell you to put this on your journal

Sa, Ikuyo!
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